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Looking after your Denby

I am frequently asked about care of modern and older Denby and Denby/Langley stoneware by customers, so I have put together this collection of tips and advice that I have found helpful.


Modern Denby is advertised as being Dishwasher safe, in general it is usually safe to use a dishwasher for all Denby stoneware tableware from about 1950 onwards, but there are some pitfalls - which can mostly be avoided:

Dulling of the glaze

This can sometimes be a problem - particularly if you live in a hard water area, some Denby patterns seem especially prone to it and in extreme cases the glaze can seem to be covered in a white powdery residue.


Damage to Denby in a dishwasher is rare, but the following tips will make it less likely:

Hand washing and other cleaning tips


I don't believe that any of the above tips will cause any damage to you or your Denby, but you must use them at your own risk, if you have sensitive skin please use rubber gloves when using cleaning products.

Finally - Denby is tough stuff, don't be afraid to use it and enjoy it every day, we do!