Denbyfinder - Denby Stoneware china matching service.

How to buy Denby from Denbyfinder?

Denbyfinder offers an individual shopping and search service by email:

If you know the name of your Denby or Denby/Langley pattern please contact me and tell me the piece(s) you are looking for, I will email back the price, condition and availability. If I haven't got all the items I will normally check with several local contacts to try to locate them for you.

If I am unable to help immediately, I will still email back and then email again when the item(s) become available. There is no charge and no obligation to purchase with the search service and you will not be "spammed" (my privacy policy is at the bottom of the contact page)

If you don't know the name of your pattern I will try to identify it for you, very often a description will be enough for me to name it and I can then email you a sample photo to confirm.

Once the combination of items you are interested in is known, I will weigh them and quote you the exact postage/shipping cost (no online shopping cart could do that!) payment can then be made online or by post and your parcel is sent.
If you are in the UK and are close by you may collect purchases and can view the pieces in your pattern by appointment. In some cases I can offer a delivery service.

How much will it cost?

That will depend on many factors including which pattern it is, the condition of the items etc. But many of my customers are pleasantly surprised at how reasonable the prices are, especially as postage is charged at actual cost.
Please take a look at the special offers page too, your pattern might be featured this month!

Is it in stock?

This section lists some of the Denby and Denby/Langley patterns I currently hold stocks of, don't despair if your pattern isn't listed here, new stock is coming in all the time, I can often find additional pieces for my customers through trade contacts too, please just contact me with your requirements.

Large quantities in stock of these patterns:

(This usually means I have both a good quantity and a good range of different items)

Fairly good stocks of these patterns:

(I still have quite a lot, but there may be gaps in the range available)

I have some stock of these patterns:

(A smaller range of different items available, but I might have the pieces you need!)

This page last updated 15th November 2019