Denbyfinder - Denby Stoneware china matching service.

How does the Denbyfinder service differ from other china matching companies?

Therefore my overheads are lower and I can keep my prices lower!

I offer an individual service by email, this way any signs of usage on each piece can be noted, photographs can be supplied where appropriate and the exact postage charge at cost can be calculated, payment can then be made by post or online.
If I haven't got the item you want, I have a number of local contacts I can try for you.

The buy Denby page has details of the patterns currently in stock and there is always a selection of priced pieces on the special offers page.

I am buying and selling Denby all the time, therefore my stocks are constantly changing, I might have the pieces you are looking for right now!

I am located in Mid-Sussex (UK), the selling page gives details of the area I cover for deliveries and collections.
Local customers are welcome to collect or view their items by appointment.

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